There’s No “Right” Way to be Fit


There’s no right way to be fit!

It’s true!

There are a million ways to be “fit” these days!

No one way to fitness is superior to any of the others.

And that’s because everyone has a unique body and everyone has different goals.

What works for one person, may not work for another.

And that’s honestly a beautiful thing.

Culture has a lot to do with shaping what the most popular way to work out is at any given time.

For example, back in the 80’s it was all about those cheesy Jazzercise videos! XD

Today, culture has us believing that the only way to be fit is to go to the gym and lift weights like a fiend.

But, this message couldn’t be further from the truth.

I learned this the hard way.

As much as I have absolutely despised living with chronic pain from an injury, it has done a lot for my perspective.

There was a period of time on my fitness journey when I had no choice but to stop all but very light activity.

I went from lifting and doing HIIT 6 days a week at the gym along with 4 days a week of practicing two different martial arts, to struggling to walk more than 5 minutes on a treadmill.

It was tough having to give up the things that I loved to do. But, my mindset around these necessary changes made an already upsetting situation, all the more difficult.

Thoughts like “If I’m not lifting, then it’s not really a workout” and “I’m not as fit as I used to be”, became the norm.

Looking back, that’s honestly a self-sabotaging outlook. Because it’s not that I wasn’t taking care of my body, it’s that I was taking care of it differently.

And it’s not that I wasn’t as fit as I used to be, it’s that I was working on a different kind of “fitness”.

The whole point of fitness is to enhance your life by improving your health, increasing your energy levels, and minimizing your pain while maximizing the things you can do.

The moment that your “fitness” begins to take away from your life and your happiness is the moment it stops being “fitness”.

So, if you ever find that you’re killing yourself to maintain a lifestyle and a routine, then it’s probably time to re- evaluate your goals.

Are you working out the way that you are because it’s what works best for YOU as you stand NOW, or are you just doing it because of an outside cultural expectation?

There is more to fitness than brute strength. To give you some ideas, you can work on things like:









-Mind-body connection

– Posture

– Correcting Imbalances

The possibilities are completely infinite.


So what if you hate the gym?

So what if you can’t lift as heavy as they can?

So what if you can’t keep up with those complicated looking Instagram workouts?

You can still be working on your fitness.

Whether it’s committing to walk for 30 minutes every day, or squeezing in some yoga on your lunch break, or taking a workout class.

All of your efforts are valid and equal on the journey to maintaining your health and enhancing your life.

Do something that you love, that you can stick with, and that makes you feel good!

Heck, maybe you’re even into some exercise kink like Jazzercise! XD

Or, if you’re NOT and you WANT to be, check out this Jazzercise compilation I found to get your feet wet!

Keep it Kinky y’all! There’s not just one way to work out.


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