So, What’s YOUR Super Power?


“You are a woman; that is your superpower.” –Unknown

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

This is honestly the perfect occasion for the re-launching my blog!

This day means so many things to so many different people…

I’m thinking of the women all over the world who are viewed as second-class citizens while still holding all of society squarely on their shoulders.

I’m thinking of any and every woman who has ever been made to feel like she needs to play it small.

Of the women who work so hard to minimize themselves for the sake of a culture that tells them women are to be skinny, quiet, and passive.

I’m thinking of the little girls who have wild, untamable, heart pounding dreams and vision for their communities who may never be given the education or the opportunity to make those dreams happen.

On this day, it is important I think, to reflect on my own privilege.

Being a white woman in North America, I have nearly endless opportunity for the kind of growth, success, and dream chasing that many women simply do not have.

I think on and acknowledge my privilege with the resolve not to waste it by playing small.

I have the unique ability to step fully into my womanhood and to use my feminine powers for the betterment of others.

The same is true for any woman who has access to this blog.

That ability is no small thing.

I have big dreams today.

I want to be a coach.

I want to create.

I want to travel and volunteer.

I want to build a life and a love that is the embodiment of who I am as a person.

I sit here in my settled little suburbia and I wonder, “How will I ever stop living a life I call “ordinary”?

And I know the answer in the very next breath- I will stop living in the ordinary when I begin to show up and live fully as the woman that I am without reserve.

That means taking action.

That means allowing for clumsiness and awkward phases.

That means using failure as a stepping-stone and not as a reason to quit.

I hope each of us will reflect on our dreams and opportunities today and begin to rise to the occasion that they warrant.

This was my first step to unlocking my superpower.

What will yours be?

Tell me about it in the comments!

If you need some inspiration, check out this link I’ve provided featuring 100 Quotes for International Women’s Day!


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